Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Apple - Viaduct Events Centre - Education Festival

Apple - Viaduct Events Centre - Education Festival

Located: Town - Viaduct Events Centre
What: Education Festival
When: Saturday - 22 March
Why: To learn Education

On Saturday the 22nd of March we got the opportunity to go in Town at the Viaduct Events Centre. We had to get into partners of 2 and work together to make a movie.

All of us had to grab an iPad each for our group. We had to get into pairs and my buddy was Josephine, we had it all and we started recording. We went around booths and then we found the one, they were the hairdressers.

Josephine interviewed them and she asked, what are their names? What inspired them to be a hairdresser? and what was their second goal.

There names were Vivienne and Marita. They were inspired because they loved fashion and it was there pashion. Vivienne's 2nd goal was to get a job and Maritas one was to graduate. As soon as they finished we shook there hand and said thank you!

My pal and I then went around and we found another booth. She had humor but really serious. Maggy was her name and and we asked her satisfying question and she answered fantastically. Just as we finished querying Maggy we got unpaid hats and a drink bottle. So far of that day she was the best and the hillariest.

My amigo (Josephine) then went wandering around the building. Josephine and I were close to a booth with chocolate and we requested for some. We first submitted a survey and then we get a free chocolate.

Wandering back around again, we found a chef. She was inspired because she looked up at her mum and she noticed she knew how to cook. The chef was holding a plate with chocolate. The madam then awarded us with a piece of chocolate.

We got free samples the whole day. It was fantastic. Our extension group enjoyed it. The rate for the day was 100 of 100!! Great big thanks to Mrs Tele’a and the team!!

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  1. Iron,
    That was a really interesting project, you and your partner Josephine did a really nice job with the interview and I will agree with you getting chocolate all day is really cool good job on the project as well as the blog :)


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