Friday, November 23, 2012

MInister of Education - Hekia Parata

Yesterday, we never knew who was coming to our school, she turned out to be a very important person. Almost everybody knows her because she is our Minister of Education. - Hekia Parata

Manaiakalani is all about planning what you are going to do in the future for a job. Our cool school is part of the Manaiakalani cluster so it makes us famous and cool.

I would like to thank my parents for paying off my netbook and I am so proud! The thing I am proud of is because Manaiakalani people help us so much to pay our netbooks.
Thank you Mrs and Mr Burt for giving us netbooks to learn as well.

At first Manaiakalani only had 100 dollars, but then when we got together, we had 1 and a half million dollars. It came out of heaps of people’s accounts.

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  1. Wow Iron,

    What a lot of money we've raised! And yes you should be proud because of your parents paying your netbook. Its so great to see you enjoy being in the Maniakalani cluster! What a lovely story:)


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