Thursday, November 7, 2013

Narrative Practise (Farming)

One day a family of two brothers (Max and John) were so hungry for veggies. They went outside to their garden and wanted to wet it with the hose. As soon as Simon went inside to get the hose, he looked and looked but someone stole it.

They were so worried because there stomachs were growling at them and it was so sore. They wanted to make some food with the veggies for lunch but they didn’t have a hose to water it. Then they got a plan but it would of took a while.

They went to a shop where heaps of building or helping things are and they found a hose. They were so happy but when they brought it, it cost a lot of money. It was $115. But lucky they had enough money. They got home and were so excited and then Max said “John can you go get the oven read while I water the plants” So John left happily.

Max finished watering the plants and then 10 minutes after they got the veggies out of the ground and chopped it up. They first did the carrot and then the pumpkin. “Max put it in now put it in” Said John.....So Max put it in and then it was ready. They were excited for their food making.

Sorry for publishing this late:)

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