Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Reflection

It has been so tough this year with all the learning and practising. It was quite fun learning from teachers like how to impact my writing so the audience can enjoy it and keep on reading until the end. I learnt that from Mr Somerville.I have also learnt more shapes because I only used to know a few but more this time and I learnt it from Mr Marks.

Did you know not only other people can teach you, you can teach yourself and I taught myself how to encourage people to do what they are scared to do. Even more. My friends taught me thing as well, so it isn’t only the teacher that has been teaching people. It is also some friends and my friend taught me how to help others when they are feeling down.

Not finished. I have also learnt how to use more manners from my aunty! They taught me that because I was using bad words. The manners they taught me was to not be racist, learn better words than bad words and also be kind to each other.

Not only my friends taught me, I also taught them something as well. I taught some of them how to make their animations more interesting in adding more pictures and making it look real by moving the object a tiny bit.

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