Sunday, September 23, 2012

My cousins birthday!

On Saturday we celebrated my little cousins birthday. I felt so excited because I wanted to eat cake. In a loud voice I shouted "WOW" as soon as I saw the big beutiful cake.

My cousin is a girl and she turned 3 on Saturday. As soon as she blew her candles that were on the cake, she started to clap and we sang the happy birthday song in english and samoan. It was time for us to cheer and we said "hip hip horray, hip hip horray, hip hip horray."

We ate the cake after we cheered and we said in samoan "Manuia" which is "Take care". We started to eat and when we all took first bite, our faces looked so so suprised because of the prettyness, awesomeness and tasteness of the cake! We were happy that we got to go to her birthday.

My favourite part of my cousins birthday was eating the TASTFULL cake!!!


  1. Oh I want to have some this cake too! How lovely for you all to celebrate your cousins birthday. I enjoyed reading your post Iron - especially your description of the cake - I love dessert! Keep up the good writing Iron.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hello Iron, it Jeanette again from EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. Tell you cousin Happy Belated Birthday. I have a niece who turned 9 on the same day. She had and Hello Kitty cake for her birthday. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself as much as your cousin. Keep up the good work. I hope y'all enjoyed the cake. Have a good day.


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