Monday, September 10, 2012

Netball Prize giving

At netball prize giving we walked into the hall and sat in a straight line. As we sat down, people started to talk and we were ready to listen! It was year 1 to 5. It was long to wait for our turn because we new we were going to be the last one's to go up.

“Year 5 section 1, Pt England” shouted a lady! Up we went trying not to be embarrassed. As soon as we went on the stage, we all got a medal and a photograph in front of us was taking pictures. During the time we came off the stage, we all had to go take a picture with our medals.

By the time we finished taking a picture we saw a teammate of our netball team. She was late. I called “Come Hannah” but she did not, but she got a medal. Lucky she still came because she still got a medal.

As soon as our prize giving was finished, we all stood up and heaps of people were taking photo’s. Hannah’s mum really wanted a photo of us so she said “you girls make a Nice photos with your medals and the other photo with heaps of poses and silly face”, so then we did.

My favourite part of prize giving was going on the stage and taking photos and getting medals. “It feels so nice having a medal put around my neck” I said quietly to myself. We are so happy that we are the BEST year 5 team in Auckland! YAY!

It was really fun at prize giving!

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  1. Well done Iron,

    Great pictures and I love how you thought it was fun...... Great work Iron!


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