Friday, February 14, 2014


As soon as the conch shell was blown, out came four Samoan ladies. "Chooooooohoooooo" shouted Miss Muliaumaseali'i and the Samoan dance started. At first it was pretty slow and it became faster and faster as the song went. They were pretty good. The Samoan dance was over and Gloria ran on the stage with a microphone.

"When did you start dancing?” Gloria interrupted. “Well I was about your age or younger like 2, 3, 4 or 5” Natalie explained. “Can you show us some moves” asked Gloria politely. So Natalie gave us some instructions of some moves they did.

It was the se’e (Glide/Slide) and the Fa'ataupati (Slapping). She then asked another one of the dancers to show us the moves and then up came Mr J and copied. They were amazing, even Mr J and we then gave them a big round of applause and off they went.

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