Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy Recount

Walking to the hall ready for the Duffy show I was really excited. We got there and waited for a while until Duffy came and started reading a book. As he read each word I was getting more and more interested. He then stopped and looked. “OHH Hey guys” Duffy said. So we replied “Hi” and they carried on.

Duffy had a cape and a crown on. He then took it off and in walked Uncle Bingo, and Rosey. Rosey and Duffy were just talking about bingo and his commercials. It was about him playing rugby, having his own cereal, and more interesting facts.

Bingo was then on the phone talking to Jason Derulo but Rosey and The King of Books (Duffy) asked Uncle Bingo if he likes to read books. “No I don’t do books” Bingo said but Rosey had wrapped up a book for Bingo. It was her favourite book until Bingo said he doesn’t do books. But while they were doing that part of the show I started to talk and  played with this gooey stuff in my pocket that I got from Hannah.

Rose and Duffy had an idea, it was to create the very best book. It was about objects, but we had to make the sound of them. By this time I was getting a bit bored. There were loads of sounds and then they got uncle Bingo to open the book and out came some toys on a spider web. They were all the objects that we were talking about and it got stuck around them. We had to make the sound to untangle it from them, but I didn’t want to say anything.

As soon as they finished untangling them, Bingo then left for his flight to Sydney (It was part of the show). They we talking and talking and then Bingo went in the plane and off he went. He was there ready for his Grand Final for the rugby. When he was getting ready I started to get more and more interested and started watching and stopped playing with the gooey stuff in my pocket. Before Bingo had his final he read the book that Rose gave him. It was about ballerinas. He read and read and he liked the book but had to rush to his rugby.

He was running and running and Rosey along with duffy were watching him, Bingo was going for the try and he did some belarina moves. Duffy and Rose saw him and knew he read the book that rose gave him and they were happy because he read. Even though the show was boring in the beginning and I didn’t find the songs interesting- It was amazing in the end.

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