Thursday, March 26, 2015

Parent Teacher Interview

Today our very own parent teacher interview and it went well!

As soon as all my other siblings finished their interview with their teachers I was very excited for mine. I had at least five interviews today with five different teacher and the subjects were food tech, P.E, home group, cultural studies and English.

At first I went to my home group teacher (Mr Smale) and all he said was positive things and how I know how to use computers. When I was done with Mr Smale, I carried on to my cultural studies teacher Mr Lake. He was talking about the two test I did for Indonesia and how well I did for it, but as soon as that interview finished, I went to my food tech teacher named Mrs Nixon. She said " you are very brave for leaving your home country and for leaving your family in New Zealand." As well as that, she said that I cook very well and I behave sensibly.

So far I was feeling very proud of myself but I wasn't quite sure that I was doing well in English but there was only one way to find out, go and talk to my English teacher. so I walked with my mum over to my English teacher and she seemed happy to see me so I was getting the feeling that it was going to be positive. Miss Mason said I am doing very well in English and my attitude is well behaved, so I felt more proud of myself! But there was only one more interview left, physical education (P.E).

My P.E teachers name is Miss Lockhart and she looked very proud of me. She said very positive things like how well I do in P.E and also how I was best player at our volley game. So at that very time I could never be proud of myself this week!! 😁😉


  1. We are very proud of you to hear such glowing reports from your first Australian school interview.
    Well done you - keep it up!
    How's everyone else getting on?

  2. I love the way you are sharing your learning with us from Australia Iron. You sound like you have worked hard and your teachers are supporting you well.

    Good on you!

    Mrs Burt


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