Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Birthday

January 9 of 2015 was my very first birthday in Australia. It was quite a busy day but to start the day of properly, I did a prayer and blessed my family and I. I then got ready to go shopping for my birthday and It was packed. My mum, aunt and I went to Aldi, a shopping place that is only in Australia. As soon as we left Aldi, we went to the Cheese Cake shop to buy my cake.

We wanted to be quick so we went to a clothing shop to buy some clothes. It was a long shop, but when we finished we finally got the cake and it looked BEAUTIFUL! So we finally finished all of the shopping we needed and then went home. I celebrated my birthday with my mums sister in laws family.. It didn't feel normal because I usually celebrate it with my mums family but I still enjoyed.

I blew my candles out and once again, the Birthday song. It was loud and clear. Once the song was done, we blessed the food and ate it. It was delicious because the one most food I wanted was prawns and it was there. I enjoyed my birthday!


  1. Hello Iron,

    I really miss you being here in New Zealand! I hope your enjoying your time there in Melbourne and I do hope you got a lot of presents too. What do you plan on doing for the rest of the year in australia? By the way, nice cake x !


  2. Hello Iron

    OMG Happy Birthday to you. Hope you had fun with your family going to the mall. But I hoped you enjoyed celebrating with your family. You are so missed here at PES and in here at NZ. Well its my time to go, well hope to see many more adventures that come your way in Australia, make sure you post your adventures on your blog so all the girls can see, okay byee.


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