Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rocket Balloon


During school today, we had to investigate a rocket balloon. It is all about a balloon trying to make it go straight with a balloon (obviously), a straw, string and also a tape/sticker. Also we did this in extension after lunch time.

We knew how to do it because we've done this before (last year). But what we had to do was to investigate it. Like, how far can it go in how many seconds. Or if you change some objects like shorting the string it might go faster. So we started off with making all of our objects the same size and we came 3rd but then we changed some bits of it.

Our second go was to change bits of whatever we wanted to change so we change the straw length  We cut it shorter because our prediction was so our balloon would keep on going to the end and also come in 1st place but we came 2nd. We had so much fun but in fact we did 3 so I was hoping that we would win. Also we went 3 quarters far in 2.25 seconds.

So on our 3rd one we had to blow up the balloon attach it back to the straw and tape and then let it go to see how far it would go in how many seconds. And what we changed that time was the air. We added more air in the balloon because (our prediction) we thought it would keep on going till the end so what really happened was what we predicted. Our one went to the end in 3.27 seconds.

Then we finish and The Death Dyfyers group came 1st, we came 2nd and the Astros came 3rd, but at least we came a place, WOOOHOOO!

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