Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last night at 4.50 we meant to have netball, but it got cancelled. It was off because of the weather. The lightning struck, there were big storms and it was raining hard out. But if it was only raining we would of been playing!

On our next game, I just hope it does not rain, does not have lighting and also not have loud storms. I just want it to be sunny for our next game. Also hoping we are playing against Revelation.

My friends (Asena, Ata and Ofa) were so excited for our game because they were going to play and because they were subs for the full game last week. I was also excited because I was going to be in the game but not the whole one. I was going to be centre for the first time this year but yeah its all right and fear.

As soon as we got there it started raining hard and people started coming out of the gate. They came out and they were saying "the games are cancelled, the games are cancelled" so we knew and then we had to stay in the shelter. It was so cold and we had to wait there for how long.

We stayed in the shelter until we would get our uniform back so we can change. But Mrs Squires told us to get changed but we replied "but our coaches has our uniform" so we waited and waited. 10 minutes later they got here and we got changed.

When we finished changing we got out of the toilets and waited for our family to come. My Nana came and I never saw here (because it was crowded) but Meleane (my friend) told me so I went with her in the car and I was so so warm. But thank you LORD for this night any ways!!

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