Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Confused explorer meets Stan Walker (Narative)

Dear Confused explorer,
You are invited to our party at Stan Walker’s house and be sure to invite your crazy friends. You will also meet him and he will sing, dance and do anything you say to do. It will be fun and exciting and he will blow your mind!!!

It will be in Australia and he will pay for your families, friends and neighbours flight and everything else you want (or need). The party won’t start till you come in. And it will begin in 5 days so please COME now with your friends, families or neighbours.

Be sure to come because we are really happy for you (confused explorer). You will be excited as well. It will be intertaining and maybe if you come then other famous people like Will.I.Am will come because they like your confuseness.

So you are invited and please please please come along with your friends, families and neighbours.   

From Asena and Iron

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  1. Cool Story Iron and Asena,
    I really liked your "Letter" I wonder how the person would felt?
    Anyway, maybe next time, you could write something about the real party, since the title is: Explorer "MEETS" Stan Walker.

    Other than that, keep it up:-)


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