Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Teach at Tamaki - Hard Material

Having technology is amazing! Each week we go to Tamaki College to have tech. There are three subjects, hard material, food tech, and graphics. They're all fun but, the first technology the year 7’s (class 2, 4 and 1) had was hard material.

For each subject we get 13 weeks and one day a week. All classes that go on Thursdays have to walk. The things we do at hard material is to make a steal shape e.g a steal cross or bird.

First we had to fill out a form of what shape we wanted. We then had find some silhouet photos of what we wanted our necklace to be. Our tech group also had to write who it was for  e.g our mum/brother. I was about to make the necklace for my mum but I was making it for me.

As soon as we got the first part of our form done, we had to get a Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) to draw the picture of our final design. I chose a cross and it was suppose to be shaded, so we had to print our design and shade the back to draw onto the MDF.

Once its drawn on the MDF you have to write your name on top and then you cut it out with the scroll saw. It was quite hard cutting it cause my the picture of the cross that I drew on the Medium-density fibreboard had sharp corners. As soon as I finished cutting it out we had to get two thick MDF’s and tie it with a rubber band so Mr Grundy (Hard Material teacher) can put the melted pewter in.

It was done and then it dried up, so I took off the thick MDF’s and it was a nice cross shape. Once we took it out we had to file it until it gets smooth. I finished filling it and then we had to sandpaper it. Grits - 180, 400 and 1200 and you also have to sandpaper it hard to get a great finish.

As soon as all the sandpapering is finished, you have to water sandpaper is and then you have a great finish. Once the whole sandpapering is finished as well as the water sandpaper, you have to get it polished real good. Then you finished and you add a string through the hole and then you’ve got it all polished.

I enjoyed having  hard material with Mrs Grundy! Thank you the Mr Grundy for finishing my necklace for me and I hope you now know how to make a nice and polished necklace.

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  1. Hi Iron

    Thanks for sharing your writing about Tamaki Tech. It sounds like you learnt a lot in hard materials. Thanks for explaining what an MDF is! Now I know what other students have been talking about. I love the detail in your writing. Well done.


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