Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Why is netball so popular?

Netball is a ball sport played with seven a side. Its similar as basketball but different, once you have the ball you have to hold it, but you can’t step otherwise its your opponent's ball and you have to defend them to get the ball back.

This ball sport is played on a rectangular court with 3 other rectangles in it. The rectangles near the end have a semi circle inside and thats where the goal shoot and goal attack shoot and its also for the goal defence and goal keep to defend them back.

There are seven positions a side and they are Centre, Goal keep, Goal defence, Goal attack, Goal shoot, Wing defence and Wing attack. Its first played off with centre and they either pass it to WD, or WA but they have to pass the ball in the same rectangle that centre is in.

Its popular because its just like basketball and its on the t.v. New Zealand has there own team and its Silver Ferns. They play netball but they have very long times than school aged children. There are a lot of supporters and Silver Ferns don’t only play in Auckland, they travel the world.

I hope you know more or you do know how to play netball now! But all together I will always support Silver Ferns!

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