Friday, June 6, 2014

How to play rugby! (About Rugby)

How to play rugby!

Have you ever tried playing rugby, or even wanted to play rugby? When I was year 5 I started playing sports and rugby was the best sport so I went for it and I know how to play. So if you want to know, read my explanation and find out!

If your team has the ball you have to hold like its a treasure. You know you want to score a try or win for your team, so you have to dodge your opponents or at least run where there is space. You’ve got to control the ball, and run as fast as you can or us you skills and past the ball to your other team-mates.

Defending your team is very hard, so avoid the weak point and go for the difficult ones. You have to tackle hard and is they step you just keep on chasing because you might not know they will stop or you might catch up to them, so go for it!

For each team, there are suppose to be 15 people on each side, so that's 30 all together! 2 Props, 2 Rowers and Flankers, Centre, 2 Wings, Full - Back, 2 Locks, Half - Back, and Scrum half with number 8.

Now that you know everything about rugby, well at least the things I know, I hope you’ll know how to manage it when you try it out sometime! Its tiering and hurtful but your get use to it once you play one game, it will feel like a hiding!

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  1. Iron
    Thats a good description of Rugby for someone who is not familiar with it and needs some understanding of what would be required. What about games that you have played this year? I think Sela said on her blog that you have started playing Rugby against other schools. Have you had the Eastern Zone competition yet? Is it still in Term Two? Have you played against any other schools in the friendly/knock out competition yet?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki


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