Friday, May 30, 2014

Explanation of Homemade Instrument ~ Shaker

Explanation of Homemade Instrument ~ Shaker

Task: Create instructions on how you will make your instrument including the materials needed, step by step instructions on what to do, and explanation as to how the sound is made.

This doc is a really rough outline for setting out your writing. You should use images and even video where appropriate.

Instrument: Shaker
Materials Needed:
Rocks/Small balls
Instructions for Homemade Instrument:
  1. [First Instruction].... Get a bottle (e.g a powerade bottle)
  2. Refill it and clean it up and then get some mini balls or rocks.
  3. Put the rocks/balls in the bottle.
  4. Begin shaking it. What does it sound like?
Explanation of how sound is created:
Introduction: I’m going to explain how sound is made from this instrument and also how it works. Its a shaker and its real easy and fast to make!

Main reason: The reason why sound is loud from this shaker is because of the bottle! Its a plastic bottle and there are rocks/mini balls in it! Its really loud and its because the bottle is big and plastic.

Second reason: I created a shaker was because it was easy to create. Its also easy to carry around and easy to find the things to make it with, its simple, theres just rocks/mini balls and also one bottle or you either make a lot of shakers with less amounts of balls in each!

Third reason: The thing thats making the sound is the rocks. Its big and small. You pour the rocks in and you just start shaking. It may be loud but its a useful instrument and your like it!

Now you can see how sound is made from a bottle with rocks or balls, and also how to make it! Its simple and you should try!

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