Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sound - Annoying and Calming

Being able to hear sounds is very important. We communicate with the environment around us, especially at school and at home. Nowadays the sounds you hear at home is an adult probably talking or teenager listening to loud music or either playing games on there phone.

Once you get to school, you hear kids talking, laughing or even arguing, especially when you're outside. In other places you can hear traffic jams, horns beeping or traffic lights. It is quite annoying but its cause I hear it every single day.

What is one or your favourite noise you hear around your community or at your school? Well to be very honest the best noise I hear around my house is music because its one of my hobbies. Outside of anywhere one of my favourite things to listen to is birds and their tweeting, its very calming and relaxing.

The one thing I mostly hear around me is people talking and the wind blowing because it's what's always around me and you too. It may be loud and annoying but I’m use to it! But the most annoyingest sound I hear is my brother, he always talks, cries, laughs and shouts.

Sometimes other places can be annoying but to me it is the traffic light, the horns of the cars beeping and traffic jam. I hear it everyday and everywhere. I am sort of use to it but it is still disturbing. But here around my school the disturbing thing is people arguing, talking, and fighting. I HATE IT!

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