Monday, May 26, 2014

Why is swimming important?

Why is swimming important you ask? Well this story is based on ‘ Why is swimming important ‘. I hope you already know how to swim or learning how to swim because its good training and very important!

If it weren't for swimming, we wouldn't of known how to swim or we would've just been drowning in water every time we swim, that why its very important to know how to swim, and last week we took swimming lessons. It was for our school.

We took swimming because it was to see how well we swim or if we can swim. Another reason we took it because our families or friends don’t want us passing away, and that is why it important to know how to swim so if your out in the ocean you know how to come back to shore!

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  1. Hi Iron,
    I like your story about why swimming is important fantastic

    From Maypo


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