Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How does a musical instrument create sound?

Intro: Guitars are one of the most popular instruments played in the world. Have you ever wondered how instruments create music? Well there is this one instrument and this story is based on a guitar.

Parts of a guitar: There are many parts on a guitar! From top to bottom there is a head, turning peg, nuts, fretboard and a position marker for the top part. The main bit of the guitar is the body which is what you put against your stomach. There is also a lump near the end of the guitar and its called a bridge. It’s to hold the strings!

How is sound created from a guitar?
So, your hand is on the metal wire and then soon you strum it. What it does is that the sound is produced by the vibration and then soon goes into the sound hole and rebounds back out making a louder sound. The further up the neck you go (when you press the strings) the higher the pitch will sound.

How to play a guitar:
A guitar can be used to be played from heavy metal to classical! Once you master a few basics it will be uncomplicated than any other instruments. You can play any songs that you like, once you get the chords and all that. If you got it then you start strumming so the sound you want is all that you have!

Conclusion: Guitars are quite easy to play.

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