Saturday, May 24, 2014

20 hr Famine

Last night some of out pt Englanders have been starving because we are doing 20 hour famine! We were already scheduled and ready for last night! We started off with prictionary and moved on to fun games like, hand games, acting and more! It was fun and we also got to do amazing race.

We were getting to learn more about Malawi, where we were sending money to! Us, Pt Englanders also had time to watch some videos about Malawi and what sort of food they eat and also what they do. Just before the ambassadors came, we were playing a musical number game. What ever number our teacher (Mrs Tele'a) yells is what we get into.

As soon as the ambassadors arrived, we lined up and got to listen to there amazing stories. It was touching and it was about how they went to Malawi. We then got to ask some questions and one of the funniest questions asked what 'Did you get to go to real toilets there?' and they starting laughing so they told us. It is one toilet but just one small hole and the whole village uses it, its not for each family.

They then finished with there Malawi stories and we got onto our music and fun. But they first told us there names which was, Cecilia (Cece), Tinashe and two others. We then moved into our items, we first had a 10 minute practice and then we moved on to performing.

Blue was first and then it was us. We sang a song from the movie 'Pitch Perfect' but we put it in our own words! As soon as all items were finished, they pronounced the winner and it was my team, team yellow! All of us then got a prize including the non-winning teams.

It was movie time and we watched 'Frozen'. Even though I've watched it before I would still like to watch it again. It was finished and we had to seep, but we could sleep at any time! The movie was fun and funny.

We learnt so much about the life style in Malawi. Also would like to say Tinashe, Cecilia and all the other ambassadors are awesome! Thank you so much!! Maluguakwadarisen!
(Ma-lu-gu-ak-wa-da-ri-sen)! It means God bless!!

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  1. What a great way to learn more about conditions in Malawi. I have never been there, but it sounds like your ambassadors have been there, which would make their Malawi stories quite something. I have participated in an event like this before. The games you played sound like a fine way to both build community and to keep your mind on something other than dinner :-)


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