Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Mmmm huele los alfajorcitos tan riquisimo.
Yesterday Miss King taught room13 how to make some alfajorcitos - an Argentinian treat.

Alfajorcitos can be made very huge and can’t even fit in your mouth. Miss King loved them so much she wanted to share it with us. Alfajorcitos are from Argentina.

What we need for alfajorcitos is dulce de leche, biscuits, and coconut. We grabbed two biscuits then we spread the dulce de leche on it and we rolled it in to the coconut. When we started eating it, it was yummy.

What I experienced of making and eating alfajorcitos was sweetness on my taste buds. The dulce de leche was tasty and it even tasted like caramel. The dulce de leche was gooey, sticky and runny to. I really enjoyed it.

The alfajorcitos was yummy in my tummy.

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