Monday, November 7, 2011

Alien Snot

Yuck! Slimy and smelly alien snot running down my hand. In classroom 13 we made alien snot.

The method for making alien snot is a bowl, a spoon, cornflour. a little bit of water, and green food coloring. First you have to pour some cornflour and water in the bowl and mix it. Then you pour some green food coloring in to and mix it again. Then you will have a sticky and icky alien snot.

While my team mates were mixing a little water with the cornflour and green food coloring it turned hard and it kind of smelt disgusting. My job was to look at it and see if it felt good.

What the snot felt like was like rock and it looked like play dough. As I put it on my hand it felt slimy. In the bowl it was hard and it was goopy.
Alien snot was the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever made.


  1. Hello we are student teachers in Christchurch and we had to make this stuff too! We called it Oobleck. We think you have described it well :)

  2. Hello Iron. My name is Ashley Cohen. I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at The University of South Alabama. I was assigned to comment on your blog. I found this post interesting, because when I was elementary school we made this, too. Why didn't you like it? I loved playing with it! :) Enjoyed reading your post!


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