Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

“Yum yum” I said. Miss King told us we were going to make some ice cream comet. She even said that we were gonna put ice cream on our hand. “Disgusting” I whispered to myself.

As Miss King scooped a little bit of chocolate ice cream on my hand it dripped through my fingers. It was icy cold.
I went to Lesieli and she gave me some crushed biscuits, and some sprinkles. There were hundreds and thousands of colourful sprinkles. Next I said to Whaea Janeille “Can you give me a cone please?”

The ice cream felt yuck in my hand and so slimy. I rolled it into a ball, sprinkles were stuck on my fingers, I felt like licking them. “Mmm” they tasted minty.

Delicious! I tasted the ice cream comet and it was yummy. There were different textures on my tongue. The tail for the comet was the cone and the comet rock was the chocolate ice cream.

Such and tasty, yet icy treat.


  1. Hello Iron! I love the picture of your ice cream rocket! I'm glad it didn't taste like it felt - yuck and disgusting. Chocolate ice cream really is delicious! Great job.

  2. Hello Iron!

    Your writing was awesome!
    I really liked reading it.
    "Did you like the taste of your ice cream comet"?
    You writing has changed from boring to excited.
    I love you writing!

    From Annliz

  3. Hello Iron your paragraph has improved me,i like it no i love it,it was the boon. Chocolate ice cream really is delicious! Great job.


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