Monday, July 1, 2013

Kelly Tarltons

So I entered Kelly Tarlton and it was warm. We first went through a Photo both taker and a Man had to take the picture. We took two photos and one had to just smile and the second we put our hands up.

As we kept on moving on we went under a thing which was like a tunnel and it was spinning. Well we were spinning on the ground. And my team mates were pretending to fall and they were so funny like so funny!! I got so dizzy because I stood on it for long.

I went pass some awesome animals named Gentoo and King Penguins. They are so kind and sweet but sort of disgusting. And I saw one that did its businesses and the other penguin just came and slid on it like he didn't know it was even there.

Some flap its flippers and some slides on its stomach but most of them run then jumps and slides on its stomach so it goes into the water. Also there are some workers inside where the penguins are in and they are feeding them so it gets heaps and heaps of energy to do heaps of things.

As soon as I finished looking at the Penguins I went to a challenge. And it was two holes for two people so I  challenged my friend (Mao) and I lasted longer than her. It was a very COLD water and we had to last it 30 seconds or more so I beat her by heaps of minutes. Well she last more than 30 seconds and she was maybe 55 seconds but I made it up to 4 minutes and my hand was so num.

When we ended the challenge my group and I went around a thing and all around it had heaps of animal and it was awesome!! My leader was telling us what to do and once we went all the way around we went on the steps so we can see some sea horses and squid and also octopus.

While we were up stairs Miss Garden told us to go into a class room so we waited for 15 minutes and then a lady named Jennis told us to come inside the class room so we could learn some things about Antarctica like when they trained, what they wear and also how to survive.

As soon as Jennis finished talking about heaps of facts, she told us to grab our bags and then we went outside and we ate morning tea. So we finished eating morning tea and we went back to where we started. And then we had to write about what we saw at Kelly Tarltons so this is my piece of writing about Kelly Tarlton.

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