Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shared Lunch

So tomorrow we are going to have a shared lunch for our netball team, year 6 team 1 Red ferns. We are having a shared lunch because it is the last netball for the term. So I am taking biscuits and some mini sugar donuts. YUMMY!

Can't wait until tomorrow! It is going to be our netball coach (Harry) and our manager (Yvette). It will be our whole team there! WOOHOO! Also on Friday we have another shared lunch because 2 girls from our 3 classes are leaving our school to go to Heisting.

It is so sad to hear that they are going but they are going there and staying there. They are also going to have school there. I wish they didn't go because they are funny and pretty. Also they are helpful.

Wish this is our food for the shared >>>>>
McDonald All day!!

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  1. Hhhhmm Iron those M'c D's food do look yummy. I really hope we do eat those. It's not very healthy but it's sure is shared lunch. Well, I really can't wait. Wait it's today.

    Keep ut the great amazing work Iron!!!


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