Friday, July 12, 2013

Georgie Pie/McDonalds

Just started the Holidays and I am loving it already. I came back from school and my mum said we are going to eat Georgie pie at the McDonald. We were all happy!! We had never tasted Georgie pies but my mum and dad did in the olden days.

So we watched TV so we can wait patiently. I was waiting for long but I just couldn't wait because I just wanted to eat it already. Then 20 minutes later we went and we went inside to eat. We ordered Georgie pie and fries. Then we got some drinks for us.

I took a bite of the pastry and you couldn't believe what it tasted like. "It was delicious" I said to my sister and she replied "of course it is" and we were just eating peacefully. We loved the Georgie pie and the fries but after we ate I had to take my brother to the play land/play ground.

It was fun but then we left but we had a exciting time!! YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!

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  1. Hi Iron, I am impressed by two things - you have written the first holiday blog post that I have read AND you have let me know that Georgie Pie is back in town. YAY! I love GP from the old days.

    You didn't say where it is though. I need to go there tomorrow so please reply and let me know where it is :)

    Mrs Burt


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