Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Recently during the weekend, I went to Chipmunks. It was on Friday and it was the best day of our break from school. Once I entered I was amazed by the huge slide that was colourful, play stations, and even more.

There was also a playing side for the babies which was great for my cousins because they were all under five. They were so excited and they really couldn't wait to get on the slides. It was the best day for them as well.

We began with going on the babies side then went on the children's playground. I reason why I went on the children playground and the kids slide is because I had to look after my little baby cousins. As soon as they finished going onto the little kids playground and that they got ready to go on the big slide.

It was terrifying the whole way through but when I got to the top of the slide, I felt better!! I kept on going at the top and then sliding back down and doing the same thing every time. Then when I finished going on the slide I went to the play station games. It was fun.

When I finished playing some fun play station, it was time to go but now I want to go back and live there forever and ever and ever!!

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