Saturday, July 13, 2013

Matariki Festival in G.I (Glenn Innes)

Went to the Matariki Festival and it was amazing. It had heaps of lights and there was a trail of circles to the parks. They were huge and some light were hanging from the tree and it looked like the lights were going to come to us.

When I went through the park lights with my bike, we went on a trail to the back of the library where you can see heaps of animal shaped light like reindeer's, and birds and the other light were just zig zag and up and down. But it still looked awesome! We had heaps of fun and the best bit was riding through the lights!!!

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  1. Hey Iron,

    You must've had real fun. I went there. We just stayed there for like 5 minutes yeah but it was so beautiful. Can't wait to see more from you and what you are doing in the holidays!

    KEEP IT UP!!


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