Friday, October 31, 2014

Auckland Museum Trip

First day back to school from our labour weekend and it rocked. The intermediate got the opportunity to get ready for.....Our Museum trip, sounds fun right! We went to the museum to learn about art because our topic this term is Art Attack (like I said on my very first post I posted this term).

As soon as we got there we ate straight away. It wasn't that fun but until we finished we had a tour but this was to draw a picture that has flax (harakeke). I drew a really nice one. Once we drew our flax picture we moved on and drew any maori thing we saw in front of us.

I drew a tiki and there were heaps of patterns on it. I also entered a marae, but before we all had to take off our shoes. I then got out of it and went to a mini waterfall that had instruction which said "You are invited to wash your hand" so I did and it felt fresh.

My group all finished washing our hands and then we were on our way to the volcano house (where we experience what a volcano feels like). It was quite packed but we also learnt what to do when it happens and how it does. It shook and 1 of my friends cried a little.

I enjoyed it because of the art that was in the museum, and I also got to touch some of it. After we finished checking out the inside of the museum, we went outside and took different pictures of anything!

We also saw a mini water fountain and it was pretty cool. All of our groups walked on to it and most of us fell. We also got to read about it and who made it. Once we felt the water we also got ready to go to the domain, but we didn't because it rained.

It was actually fun and I especially enjoyed it because I was with my friends. I'd love to to visit there again!

This is a photo of a tiki, I like it because it showes the patterns I like and how its designed.

In the marae I saw this photo so we took a picture of it because its a maori design. It also suits the colour of how it is made.

The photo right on the left represents the waka where we saw the tivaevae and I also got to touch it!

This represents a bag which was made out of flax/harakeke, and we were suppose to draw of something that is made of flax/harakeke so I sort of drew the design that is on this bag.

Last but not least, this is of the museum, yes I know it doesn't look too fancy but if you visit inside, you'd love it!

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