Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Keeping the ball safe
Defending your opponents
The Positions

How do you play rugby?

Have you ever tried playing rugby, or even wanted to play rugby? But you don’t even know how to play? Well here is an explanation of how to play rugby. When I was year 5 I started playing sports like rugby and it was the best sport I first played. so I went for it and now I know how to play. So if you want to know, read my explanation and find out heaps!

If your team has the ball and you are holding it you have to run and hold it like it means everything to you. You know you want to score a try or win for your team, so you have to step your opponents or at least run where you won’t get tackled. You’ve got to put the ball under your armpit, and run as fast as you can or use your skills and past the ball to your other team-mates.

Defending your team is very hard, so avoid what you think is weak and go hard for the difficult ones. You have to tackle hard and if they step you just keep on chasing because you never know what will happen. Because if they slow down you can probably tackle them just before they try, so go hard!

There are supposed to be 15 people on each team, so that's 30 all together! 2 Props, 2 Rowers and Flankers, Centre, 2 Wings, Full - Back, 2 Locks, Half - Back, and Scrum half with number 8. It’s also hard to remember where you are standing, but you’ll get used to it.

Now that you know the things I know, I hope you’ll know how to play the game when you trial for rugby or when you play with your friends. When you you first play the game it will feel like you just finished getting a hiding, but if you keep going you’ll get use to the feeling.

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