Friday, July 4, 2014

AFL - Australian Football League/Kiwi sport

AFL stands for Australian Football League and we have been taking lessons with a guy named Tim. This week was our third week of AFL (Kiwi sports) and we have learnt a lot. Our class, class 2 learnt how to pass the ball, how to bounce it and more.

To pass the ball you have to do a plate with your hand curve it and then place the ball on it. As soon as its on your plate (hand), you scoop it like an ice cream, but you scoop heaps of ice cream. If you don’t pass the ball like you're scooping an ice cream then its a hand over.

If you face the laces on top its for you to bounce the ball. When you bounce the ball its only if you don’t wanna pass it, and you can only bounce it three times. We also learnt why you should bounce the ball and how to bounce the ball when you jog, run or sprint.

As soon as we learnt all of the skills for Australian Football League, we started to play with each other and see who is faster at passing it, or either bouncing it. What I want to learn is how to kick the ball and its for a goal! I hope we’ll learn how to kick it in another lesson!

I really enjoyed learning more about Australian league but the year before last year I played a tournament!! But I still learnt more and how to play much better!

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