Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Holiday - Sunday School Exams

Its was Saturday morning and I was getting ready for my Sunday school exam. As soon as the clock hit 10:00 O’clock we went straight to the hall to make a start. When everyone got there we did a prayer just before we started our exams.

Just before we started, they gave out papers for the questions that we got from the Bible. 4-6 minutes later I finished and then we got roman numbers to answer. I gave it in and then there was a time for every else to finish.

As soon as all the classes finished there paperwork, we had to go to our priest. We had to say our bible verses, say the old testament and the new testament and we also had to answers some other questions from a question book.

Every class finished and then we had to wait for 15 minutes so they can find out who comes first in each class. They first called out the little kids group and my brother came first. They then got to my younger sisters group and she came first with 86%.

As soon as my class got called out I came first and we were suppose to get 100% but I got 95% and my partner got 86%. I’m so happy because I have came first every year since I started doing my church exam!

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  1. Hi Iron. Wow that is really impressive that you and your siblings came first in your Sunday School exams. Fantastic! I bet your parents were really proud. Well done you.


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