Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Narrative-At the beach

On a sunny day, my family went for a picnic at the Pt England reserve. We took so much food so we could eat whenever we wanted to. I was packed and ready to go.

As soon as we got into the car, we went off so quick because we wanted to be the first ones there. Yay we are first. It was incredibly amazing because we love the beach, especially when it is a sunny day as well.

“We made it” I shouted while jumping out of the car. I saw more people coming and it was our neighbours. They hopped out of their car and came straight at us.

“What are you doing here?” asked our neighbour while scratching her hand. “Ahhh we just came here because it was just too hot to stay at home” I replied back with a smile. I was worried because it looked like she was very angry.

While making a sand castle, I was talking to my nana and grandpa. Our neighbour came and kicked my sand, so my nana, grandpa and I got so angry. I really wanted to hit her.

As I walked up to her, I put on my mad face. “Why did you kick my sand castle?” I asked her angrily. “I’m allowed” she replied grinning. I got so mad.

So she got angry and said “I am ignoring you because you are not being nice.” “Care” I shouted back clapping my hands together. But then I felt sorry and went to her.

“Sorry” I said with my sad face. “Its ok, but as long as we won’t argue anymore” she replied to me when kicking the sand. “Ok” I mumbled back. So then we forgot this ever happened and had a big hug.

Thank Miss King and Miss Squires for checking my story!

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  1. Hey Iron,

    Wow that is really sad when someone kicks your sand castle. That is just like me the annoying wave kept on disappearing my amazing sand castle.
    I know it is Narrative but that is like mine Narrative.
    A girl came and kick your sand castle, a wave came and ruins mine.

    You forgave each other I just kept on building some more.



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