Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Holidays (White Sunday Rehearsal's)

During the beginning of our holidays, we had to start rehearsing for white Sunday because its coming up in the second week of the holidays. I am looking forward to our White Sunday! I like doing speeches in front of people and dancing. 

I wondered how many speeches was I going to do? Hmm I am doing 2 speeches and they are short. I have got my speeches off by heart and I know how to do the dance.

I am feeling enthusiastic for next week on White Sunday. Hooray!!!


  1. Hey Iron,

    White Sunday is going to be fun! I have got 4 speech. But they are very long. Except for 1, it is sort of short. Well I hope you know what to do and to say.

    KEEP IT UP!!

  2. I am sure that both of you will do beautifully on White Sunday.
    Have HEAPS of fun and make sure to share with us how it goes.

  3. Hi Iron,

    This post is much longer than your previous post I read. Your blog is coming along fabulously! The picture you drew is beautiful. I like the quote, God is great and good! I love that you used the word enthusiastic, what a great descriptive word! Now, I am dying to know what is, "White Sunday?"
    Also, I just learned recently that when you are typing number words one thru ten, apparently you are supposed to spell them out! When the number is bigger than ten you can type them.

    Keep up the good work Iron!

    Annie Turner

    1. Oh by the way White Sunday is when you celebrate how much kids have learnt about God


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