Monday, August 19, 2013

My Aunties Birthday

During the weekend on Saturday it was my aunties birthday. She turned 27. We didn't buy a cake we made a cake and my uncle made it. He made to small circle cakes and then he made some chocolate whipped cream.

While it was cooking he went to pick the birthday lady. She was at work. My uncle went with his sister and they got her and came back to my Nana and grandpa's house. She got there and she was outside in the rain. "Happy Birthday" I shouted happily and she replied "THANK YOU" and then she came inside.

The cake was ready and we did a little prayer before we eat. It was long and then we finished. I had to help my aunty get the cake on the table because it got bigger because we stuck the cakes together. I put the candle on it and we sang the song first.

As soon as we finished singing the song, I lit up the candles and she blew it. We all clapped and then  my grandpa said "Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, and my aunty was smiling.

We cut up the cake and then grabbed a piece. When we all grabbed a piece we did another short prayer and we ate the cake. My aunty and I got the food ready and we ate. It was takeaway and other things. It was nice and we enjoyed our aunties birthday.

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