Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Hare and the Tortise

Hi, My name is Lazy Head and one day I was minding my own business, eating my grass and then a mean speedy hare came and called me names. Like, cabbage head, lazy and other names but I really didn't care.

Lucky a fox saw me and the hare, and he came along and replied back to the really mean words that the hare was saying. Then the fox asked me and the hare if we could have a race and they got ready, and we raced and I was crawling as fast as I can and I came first. “Wooooohooooooo” I shouted!!

Another day Speedy was leaping around and I was just nodding my head for no reason. Speedy bounced to me and said "Come on you old lazy thing is that all the exercise you take just nodding all day long? He was amazed that I don't nod my head off to sleep!

I couldn't reply to what he said because my mouth was full of cabbage and I was chewing very slowly. While eating my cabbage the fox popped out of the hedge row and he scratched his flea bites and said “Did you know that the tortoise has Hibernates?”

“Hiber what’s?” Speedy asked. “Hibernates,” The fox said again. It means that he goes to sleep for the whole winter.” "What, sleeps for the whole winter" The hare said. "He might be the laziest creature on earth" Said the hare.

It was easy to mock me. I couldn't bother replying back to him because I was just chewing slowly. But the friendly fox who knows it all stood up for me. 

"Mostly He will be around when we are both gone. When it is pass 100 years Tortis can still be
around" Exclaimed the fox.” TO BE CONTINUED.............

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