Monday, August 5, 2013

Nanas Birthday

It was friday and the bell rang. I had to go home early to take my cousin to the airport. She was going back to Samoa. Her name is Sose and she came from Tokyo in japan. Sose arrived here at 8:00am and she left at 5:00pm but the airplane was leaving at 7:45.

We got to Mangere just in time and we were playing with each other and then a hour later we had to take her. My family and I took some photos with her for a reminder. A few minutes later we got to the airport and we were waiting for her other cousins to come and pick her up and take her to Samoa.

They got there and and we said bye to her. My aunty was crying because Sose is her sister. She gave her a long hug and a kiss. Then we all gave her a hug. As soon as she finished hugging all of us she went back and hugged her sister for long.

She left and then we left to go back home and do my Nana's birthday. As soon as we got there and all of our cousins were there and the house was really packed. My two uncles went to get my aunt.

they got here with my aunty and the cake. The cake was HUGE!! We did a prayer to my nana and it was long. it finished and my family was just talking and talking until they called them out to come and eat.

First they called the kids and we went. Our food was from the takeaways. It was the tray full of sweet and sour, egg thing with mixed veggies and more. We also got some chicken.

The adults came and ate but they ate on the table. The kids had to get there food and go at the front. It was funny and awesome. After we ate we got some cake. I had to give the cake out to the people but it was my nana first.

I went all around but I didn't get a cake so i went at the back and ate it. When we finished eating the cake, we ate some pie. It was delicious. We all finished eating a lot and then my cousins left. As soon as they left, we ate the leftover and saved some for the morning.

We put the left over in the fridge and then we went to sleep. It was an awesome day!!

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