Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Netball Game

As soon as school finished we had to go home and get ready for netball. It started at 5:55 and we had to be at the courts before 5:15 so we can change. First I went to get Meleane (my friend) and then we went to the courts.

It was 5:15 when we got there and we were worried but then we went to get our uniform for netball and got changed. We grabbed a ball and trained a little and ran around. Before our game was the year 6 team 2's game and we went to cheer them.

We cheered and cheered and then the loud noise went on and that meant the quarter was finished and that quarter was the last one. It was our turn to play and we had 5 minutes to get ready. We warmed up and then I shouted "Red ferns on 3.......1.........2..........3" because I was captain. 

We played and we were doing well. The team we played against was Revelation and Revelation had the ball first. They got it down to there shooter but then we intercepted and got it away from them so we got the first goal. We were killing it.

The game went on and on and then when it got to the 3rd and 4th quarter, they were winning by miles. Hannah (my friend) and I were on the 4th quarter and we were good but all together is better. We were all trying to get up to them but the noise of the finishing quarter went on.

It finished and we had to cheer for them so then I shouted again "3 cheers for Revelation hooray.....hooray....hooray. Then we high fived them and we said good game. The score was..........................................................22-6 and we lost but I reckon we did well.

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