Friday, August 22, 2014

Explanation Writing

Iron - Term 3 Writing Sample
6 paragraphs
1 - Hook
2 - Mind
3 - Body
4 - Drugs
5 - Alcohol/Drugs
6 - Conclusion

Have you ever wondered why your mind and body is important? Well this is based on why taking care of your body and mind is very important to you. Its about how healthy you eat and what you have learnt for your whole life.

Taking care of your mind is about focusing on what your learning and doing what you're suppose to do. You have to feed it with what your have learnt and you can not take drugs. Its bad for yourself and all you have to do is listen.

To take care of the body all you got to do and play the right way, right place and with the right attitude (if you're still a child). Its all about keeping your body healthy and feeding it with the right food. This is all about taking drugs as well, it affects your body badly and can make you unconscious.

Drugs is what makes the mind stop you from focusing on what the teacher is saying. e.g if the teacher was to tell you to go do some writing and as soon as you run off you go and do maths. See what I mean? It also slows down what your mind is telling you.

Alcohol is a kind of drug and it can make mixed emotions and it will also affect anyone anywhere. Its just like a ripple in the water, it first starts off with affecting your family and friends and then it becomes bigger a bigger problem and affect the community/public.

There are all sorts of drugs and any one of them can affect any part of your body. It especially affects the inside of you which are the lungs and the heart so choose the right choice and keep in mind, if you ever take any sort of drug and I mean any sort, it can lead to death. Drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs.

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