Monday, August 25, 2014

Astria - Thursday

On Thursday we got to do our 4th session with the Astria game. My partner and I were almost done, we were on the part to going to the council and finishing the game off. Its was quite hard but just before the astroid hit the lab and completed it.

Its wasn't quite easy in the Council Lab but then we found out what to do. The man talked a lot but luckily we got through him. We also had to give the stories and it was sort of hard to remember but we till got through and done it.

The easiest bit was giving him the stories and the clues and then we got out an started another game. It was not as fun as the first time we did it because we already knew what to do. But my partner and I still enjoyed playing the game.

We also managed to complete everything the second time round. It was an amazing game and I do think it improved my learning/literacy. I feel confident that who ever plays this game will actually be good and will learn new words.

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