Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth - About Tonga

Tonga is an Island competing in the Commonwealth games. This Island is located in Oceania. Its pretty small, but there is a population of 105,745 people that live in it.

The capital city of Tonga is Nuku’Alofa. In Tonga they speak two languages and its Tongan and English. There are many different cultured people in there, but they know how to speak Tongan.

Touch is the most played sports in Tonga and its also popular. They also like to play rugby but its not as popular as touch. Basketball isn’t in the commonwealth but they also like to play it!

The colours on the flag of Tonga is red and white. Its similar to the red cross flag. Theres a little rectangle on the top left of the flag and its white. In that rectangle there is a red plus/cross in it.

In the Commonwealth games, Tonga joined in it until it was 1970 but it started in 1931. The games that Tonga are competing in is

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