Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Education with Lynn and Harold

For the past 4 weeks our class (class 2) have had sessions with Lynn about Life Education. This year, we were learning about alcohol and how it affects the body and the brain. Our class also learnt what it did to people.

There were 6 people we had to learn about it and it was, Rita, Zeb, Jason, James, Amy and Malcom but, there is one person I want to talk about and that’s James. Hes a boy that started alcohol at 13 and he did it just to look cool, fit in, and because his friends did it.

He kept drinking until he was 25 and he became unconscious. James then died. This was because of the drugs he took. It was Pot (Marijuana) and other drugs/alcohol, but he got it from his friends and from a person he saw on the road.

What does drugs/alcohol do to your body? It can slow down the messages that your brain is sending to your body. e.g. If you were in a car and you see a person crossing the road, the message that the brain is giving you to stop slows down and you crash someone.

Drugs also can affect your family, friends and neighbors, its just like a ripple in the water. Most importantly it can affect the public, council and shopkeepers!

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