Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact - Wednesday

For today my partner and I have completed more things from the game of Astria. One of the most difficult parts for today's session was completing the percentages of our done areas. We had to go in every room and complete it up to 100%.

The easiest bit for today's session was finding the last clue and completing the Nuke and Sail lab room. We got all the clues from each room and we also got to complete two other tasks for the council. Now we have 25% to complete for our Astria game just before the asteroid hit us.

My partner and I managed to complete 100% from every room and 25% left for one for room. I also think that i'm not on track because we only have 42 more days to impact but we only need some more time to complete everything.

I will also remember to focus more on the game than listening to music. 

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