Monday, August 4, 2014

100th Commemoration of World War 1

Today is a special day that marks the 100th Commemoration of when World War 1 (WW1) started in 1914 August 4th. We had an assembly today and it was for this special day. All schools around Auckland had to raise their flag and then lower it half way down.

Our school also had to say words that all war people said. “Lest we forget” our whole school said. This meant that we always have to remember and never forget what our people did for us and why they did it.

There was also some of our teachers relatives that went and fought in the war for New Zealand. It was our principles grandfather that volunteered to fight and our office teacher (Mrs Flavell’s) grandfather that also volunteered.

In 1914 there was also something else that happened. There was a man and a woman (Franz Ferdinand and Sophie) driving around and another man came along and shot the man that was with the lady. It was known as “The shot that echoed around the world”.

Once that was all over there were countries that went on any sides. Some countries went on the side of the man that shot Franz Ferdinand and there were other countries that were on the side of the man that had the gun.

Now that I know what happened back then, I feel sad for all the people that died for us! “Lest we forget”!

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