Monday, September 1, 2014

Storyline Festival Reflection

The year 7&8's left to the Vodafone Events Centre. What for? Well we were leaving to go and see the storyline festival like I mention in my earlier post. We went to see the 4 authors I also mentioned. Juliette Mciver, Catherine Mayo, Jill MacGregor and Paula Green.

Two of my favourite authors I saw was Jill McGregor and Juliette Mciver. Why? Because Jill McGregor had shown us what she got from different other islands. She chose to write books because she was inspired by young children from the islands. They told her to write a story about what she did.

Juliette Mciver was my second best author I listened to because she rhymed a lot in her books. She read us one which was Queen Alices Palaces and there were heaps of words that rhymed. It was about castles and the illustrator drew different castle from different countries.

If I were to present at the storylines festival I would tell them what inspired me to write book and if I was good at writing and spelling. I would also say one of my favourite authors and inspire other people to write book.

Chapter books, rhyming books, children books or any other book. I also wanted to find out how old they were when they started writing books and if Jill McGregor remembered any of the childrens names that inspired her.

Storyline festival was fun and big thanks to the authors that presented. You were so inspiring with the rhyming and storytelling. All of you did good reactions to what you read and I enjoyed it a lot!

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