Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cross Country Recount 2014

I was extremely anxious as our annual school event came. We would always practice, practice and practice. I wasn't nervous at all, but as soon as our Cross Country hit, I got butterflies.

Our whole school assembled at the netball courts, just near the outside toilets by the field. We gathered to get ready for the year 1 boys to have their run. It started at 1:00pm, but just before they ran, the house captains had to do their house cheers.

As soon as all the year 1 boys to the year 5 girls finished it was our turn up next. “I’m scared” I explained as I was shaking, but Mr J already called up the year 7 girls. We waited for 2 minutes till the year 5 girls passed by.

Get ready, get set, BANG! As the blocks hit each other. Jogging slow I was coming last, but then I pasted a lot of girls and it was still our first round. I ran as slow as I could so I could have enough energy to run as fast as I could when i’m near the end.

I got to my second lap and so far I was enjoy it but was really tired. I caught up to my friend Asena who I was actually expecting to come first but she was just in 6th place. I told her that I’d stay with her and that i’ll also cross the line together so we were near the end.

So far I was beating Asena F. But then I just stopped for her and we crossed the line coming in 7th place. This was her very first time she came 7th because she has always came 1st every year she started running the cross country.

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