Monday, September 1, 2014

Exercise Argument

Introduction: Children need to exercise everyday to transform into becoming healthy and to develop.  Exercising is one of the most important thing to do in your life, not only that but dieting and eating the right nutritious food.

One of the main things of exercise is getting fit. Its changes your appearances and ability.  A sedentary sort of lifestyle is bad for your health and you won’t develop well, your have to move a lot and once you exercise a lot you can also become flexible.

Furthermore, exercising makes you become better at sport because you have the agility to run or to catch someone. Its makes you perform well because you have strong bones and exercising looks after your weight.

You need a lot of energy and strength to keep performing, its also good for your body and muscles. Losing weight is not about exercising, but you also have to diet and eat healthy. You develop faster because you're not likely to get sick and have diseases.

Kids would always exercise to achieve their goals and do want they want to do in the future. Its makes your lungs and heart expand your endurance.

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