Monday, September 22, 2014

Election Vote

This year was the Election year and you had to vote for a party and also for a candidate. The votes were to change the PM (Prime Minister). There were over 10 parties you could vote for, but you could only pick one party and one candidate and only 1 can win.

That Saturday we were in Mangere and the National  had to gather up and go into separate places like scrutinisers and we just had to sit there and smile at people. I was with my aunty and we were in a place that people had to vote.

Later on that day until 5:00pm there were more special votes than the actual votes but it still counted. We waited till the clock had hit at 5:30 and then we had went back to where we had assembled. After all that we went back home and got ready to go to the Viaducts Events Cantre for all to check who won. (This was only for the National people).

Nationals plan was to actually give more teaching most of the disabled ones. There also looking to bringing free doctors to check on children under the year age of 13. Also to still pay parents while there off for 18 weeks. There also trying to get constructions people to build more homes!

Labour was to also pay the parents that were on leave for 26 weeks but they will still get paid. Also if the party Labour were to win, David Cunliffe would of been the Prime Minister. They would also leave you money alone and will pay the bills by power companies.

I was predicting that labour would of won now that Eminem sued John Key, but I was wrong after all. National still won and John Key is still PM, so THREE more years!

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