Thursday, March 7, 2013


A few weeks ago, we started doing tests. I was feeling really nervous because it was the hardest one of all. It was our reading test and what I think is that I might not get high marks but I was a bit ok with itq.

When we got into the music room, Ms Garden told us to go to a computer so we did. As soon as we had filled out of username and password, we clicked on the button that said login. “NOW BEGIN YOUR TEST” Ms Garden said. Then I shook even more and pressed “sit test”

“I think my test is going to be bad” I thought in my head, but I just kept on going. 20 minutes later I got up to question 23 and I felt excited because I was near the end. I said to myself  “What should I do? rush or finish it off properly” So I made the right choice,.....finish it off properly.

I got to question 32 and I said to myself  with a smile “I did well on the test” so then I came to class with a serious facial and a really happy smile.

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